200 participants from Israel, Georgia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Spain and Uzbekistan took part in the International contest „Sea, sun, festival“, which took place from 5 to 10 July in Lloret de Mar, Costa Brava, Spain.

The participants presented their achievements in the world of art in 5 categories and 7 age groups. The international jury was formed by famous choreographers and cultural activists from Spain, France, Canada and other countries from East Europe and Asia. All performers were evaluated on 100-point scale, as the best in the different genres and age groups became holders of special diplomas.

Every participant received a diploma from the organizers of the contest. Every group received from the Spanish authorities additional diploma, under the in the form of engraving. And every manager and sponsor received a grateful letter on the letterhead of the Kingdom of Spain.

Ensembles, soloists, duets and small group - winners of first degree and Grand Prix, received individual trophies-cups FIESTALONIA.

Winners of the Big award Grand Prix became the performers from "Vivat" Dance School. Excellent presentation of pop dances brought them platinum diploma in the category «Choreographic groups and soloists» and «Theater».

In the same category with total number from 90 to 99 points and Golden diploma, were ranked: Tomer Berko / modern dances, Nynya Shekiladze and Anna Shekiladze / modern dances, "Vivat" Dance School / folklore dance and street dance, Shoman Dance Center / modern dances, Folklore dance ensemble Altyn Den" / folklore dance, Choreographer ensemble "Vershiny Kavkaza" / folklore dance, Children and Youth theater «Et cetera» / theater.

On the second place, with Silver diploma and result between 80 and 89 points were ranked: Dautova Dana / modern dance, Alybai Aygerim / pop dances, Asylkhanova Akniet / pop dances and Borovykh Kristina / modern dances.

Nominations in category „Singing“:

Golden diploma – (from 90 to 99 points):

Ana Janjalia / pop vocal, Iuliia Tokareva / pop vocal, Veronica Inchico / pop vocal, Meiramova Asem / pop vocal.

Silver diploma – (from 80 to 89 points):

Duo "Amigo" / pop vocal, Otamirzayeva Gulkhumor / pop vocal, Basharova Milana / folklore vocal, Sara Moreno / pop vocal .

Bronze diploma – (from 70 to 79 points):

Madet Aruzhan / pop vocal, Zhumabayeva Aizhan / pop vocal, Duet "Gulde-rai" / pop vocal.

Copper diploma – (up to 70 points):

Alybai Aygerim / pop vocal, Basharova Milana / pop vocal.

Grand Prix and Platinum diploma in the category „Instrumental group and soloist“ won Kudaibergenov Aibek /folk instruments (dombra).

First place and Golden Diploma won:

Yegeubayeva Yenglik / piano, Mukhtarov Mirsoid / piano, Duet Pulatova Gulnara and Mukhtarov Mirsoid / piano, Galimullina Kamilla / piano, Meyliyeva Marjona / folk instruments (dutar), Odiljonov Azimjon /folk instruments (gidzhak), Michelle Telnaya / piano, Taubaldy Akezhan /piano.

Silver diploma and second place deserved the following performers:

Bayborodin Ivan / alto saxophone , Kurymbayev Askar /guitar, Reznikov Yaroslav / guitar, Akhymbek Temirlan /accordion , Seitbek Marzhan / piano, Amanaliyeva Aizhan / piano, Bisseyeva Muntaz / piano, Aisha Asanzhanova / piano, Makarimova Alina / piano, Makarimova Aliya / piano.

Bronze diploma and third place were granted to:

Kenges Zhamilya / violin, Serikbayev Yelzhan / folklore instrument (dombra prima), Andyrkyzy Ulpan / piano, Seitbek Marzhan / piano.

The Copper diplomas were granted to:

Constantin Telnoy / block flute and Muzaparova Kamila /oboe.

In the category „Artists and authors of the decorative and applied art's products, fashion theaters“ the jury granted only two awards for visual arts . Winners of Golden diploma became Kim Lyuba, Dautova Dana and Galimullina Karina, and winners of Silver diploma- Dumbadze Dimitri and Dumbadze Nini.

International festival-contest «Sea Sun Festival» turned to be the biggest event in Lloret de Mar in July. The warm and hospitable Mediterranean resort will host two festivals in September and October.