The 21st edition of the International Folklore Festival for Children and Youth „Cătălina” took place from 24th to 28th of August 2015. 13-member jury committee evaluated the performances of 26 ensembles with total 850 participants from Romania and abroad in two categories - "Art" and "Traditional Crafts", informed the festival director, Mr. Constantin Serban. Contesters competed in two age groups – between 7-14 years and beween 14-19 years.

Groups which participated in “Art” category:

The Folklore Ensemble „VARD-EM” – Armenia; The Cultural-Artistic Society „Mladost” – Bosnia Herţegovina; The Folklore Ensemble for Children „Kopanicarek” – the Czech Republic; The Folklore Ensemble „Sama” – Georgia; The Traditional Dance Ensemble „Vatra” –The Moldavian Republic; The Ensemble „Vrelo Ibra” – Montenegro; The Ethno-Folkloric Society „Mugurelul” – Ukraine; The Dance Ensemble „Seaivo” – Ukraine; The Ensemble „Artemis” –  The Hellenic Community from Sulina, Tulcea;  The Ensemble „Mladost” – Burgas, Bulgaria;  The Ensemble „Junii Blajului” and The Folklore Orchestra „Arieşul” – Alba;  The Folklore Ensemble „Zarandul” – Arad;  The Folklore Ensemble „Muguraşii” – Bacău;  The Ensemble „Stejărelul” – Botoşani;  The Folklore Ensemble „Mlădiţe româneşti” – Covasna;  The Traditional Dance Society „Borsika” – Harghita;  The Folklore Ensemble „Cătălina” – Iaşi;  The Ensemble „Mugurelul” – Maramureş;  The Folklore Ensemble „Plăieşii” – Neamţ;  The Ensemble of Songs and Dances „Cununa” – Olt;  The Traditional Dance Ensemble „Rapsodia Prahovei” – Prahova;  The Folklore Ensemble „Poieniţa” – Suceava;  The Ensemble of Songs and Dances „Hora Timişului” – Timiş;  The Folklore Ensemble „Doina Casimcei” – Tulcea;  The Ensemble „Rapsozii Iveştiului” – Vaslui.

In the section “Traditional Crafts” were presented 47 traditional craftsmen from Romania, accompanied by their students – 11 people from Iasi and the region of Iasi.

Groups-guests in this category were the ensembles from Italian, Grecian, Ukrainian, Russian and Gypsy Communities; Folklore Association „Doina Rarăului” and folklore singer Călin Brăteanu; Folklore Ensemble "Vatra" – Botoşani and Folklore Ensemble "Doina Carpaţilor" from the Student Cultural Centre in Iasi.

In the Jury committee were:

Ethnomusicologist Constantin Arvinte, president of the jury;  Journalist Carmen Olaru, director of TVR Iaşi; University Professor Tudor Colac, The Science Academy of The Moldavian Republic in Chişinău; Teacher Adrian Ardeleanu, director of The County Center for Conservation and Promotion of the Traditional Culture in Iaşi; Lecturer PhD Ciprian Chiţu, ”George Enescu” University of Arts Iaşi; Lecturer PhD Ionuţ Urdeş, ”George Enescu” University of Arts Iaşi; Teacher Iurie Levcic, president of Bucovina Center of Arts for Conservation and Promotion of the Traditional Culture in Cernăuţi, Ukraine;  Teacher-choreographer Iosif Titi Boantă - The Artistic Ensemble „Mureşul”;  Teacher Ludmila Botnar, director of The Republican Center for Children and Youth ARTICO in Chişinău, The Moldavian Republic; Teacher Alla Apopei, Inspector for Educational Projects at The School Inspectorate of Iaşi; Teacher Cristinel Iordăchioaia, Inspector for Educational Management, Evaluation and Institutional Development at The School Inspectorate of Iaşi;  Constantin Şerban, Head Teacher of The Children’s Palace Iaşi;  Economist  Gabriela Pricop, President of „Ateliere PRO” Association.

The best performances was awarded with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in both categories and in two subcategories: “Romania” and “Abroad”. Special awards for vocalist, instrumentalist, vocal group, dance ensemble and traditional craftsmen were awarded.

The children from Folklore Ensemble "Kopanicarek" – the Czech Republic were the best performers from the groups-guests. From the host country, Ensemble "Rapsozii Iveştiului" from Vaslui, Romania took the first place.

The distinctions went to 25% of the participants. The jury took into account the participants’ age, grouping them into two categories: 7-14 years and 14-19 years.  The partners of the festival are: Ministry of Education and Scientific Research, City Hall of Iaşi, Iaşi County Council, The School Inspectorate of Iaşi, The County Center for Conservation and Promotion of the Traditional Culture in Iaşi and Palas Complex Iaşi.

The media partner of the festival is TVR Iaşi.

The festival achieved its objectives to promote folklore from different regions and different nations, to educate students (and not only them) in deep love of traditional songs and dances, develop the ability to discern the authentic from the fake in the field of traditional music and dances. The festival achieved its purposes - to make young people more sensitive to the need to maintain and preserve the traditions and promote the spirit of competition among students.

Each day of the festival had a special significance: Friendship Day, Traditional Crafts Day, Traditional Costumes Day, Excellence and Acknowledgement Day.

The program of the first day of the festival included official visits to the mayor of Iaşi, to the prefect, to the president of Iaşi County Council and to The School Inspectorate of Iaşi. The program of the first day also included The Traditional Costume Parade which was held on the streets in the center of the city, which gave the people of Iaşi the chance to acclaim the participants.

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