Three ensembles from Romania and one fron Bulgaria with total 120 participants took part in III. INTERNATIONAL CULTURE, ART AND DANCE FESTIVAL. It was held from August 27 to September 1 in Antaliya, Turkey. 
The official opening of the event was held on August 28 on the central square of Side, at 80 km from Antaliya. Exept in concerts, the performers took part in a parade. 
One of the most important cultural values of the peoples - the folklore dances and interesting and original customs, brought to the winners of the festival awards worth 300 Euro, and all other participants received souvenirs and gifts by the hosts. 
The organizers had prepared nice experiences for the participants in their free time. They had the opportunity to meet the Mayor of the city, to see the local landmarks, to play beach volleyball, to swim and had a foam party. 
In the evening before their departure, they exchanged presents and celebrated the new friendships with evening party.