Folklore dance ensemble "Hubavenka" leads the ranking of the Work Ranking list of Folklore for 2015. The dance formation from Hubavene village at "Svetlina" Community center, Vratsa region, with artistic director Ivaylo Dochev, collected 1 022 points. Participations in three championships of folklore 2015 – National (gold medal), European (Silver "Orpheus" and silver medal in the final ranking) and World (nomination Golden "Orpheus" for the Grand Prix of  "World Folk 2015), as their great performances, evaluated properly by the international jury, which brought to them the points, that sent them on the first place.

On second place with 935 points were ranked the performers from Representative dance ensemble "Tangra" at "Iskra 1872" Community center from the village from Pazardzhik region - Popintsi. Their artistic director is Maria Terziyska. The points are collected by their performances in the Balkan championship in Hisarya (nomination for Grand Prix, silver medal and the Silver "Orpheus" in the final ranking of the Championship) and European championship in Burgas, Sunny beach, Nessebar, Obzor and St. Vlas, where they performed more than worthily and deserved the prestigious Grand Prix Golden "Orpheus", gold medal and check for 1000 Euro. RDE "Tangra" became absolute European Champion of Folklore for 2015.

Both groups competed in the category "Folk dance groups - modern choreography."

On the honorary third place in the World ranking list of folklore for 2015 with 930 points was ranked Folklore еnsemble "Poligrodzianie" from the University of Technology in Poznan, Poland. The students of Marzenna Biegała-Howorska participated only in the World Championship of Folklore „World Folk 2015“, but their performances were impressive and memorable and they deservedly became Absolute World champion of folklore for 2015 - won the Grand Prix of the Championship, gold medal and check for 100 Euro, provided by the organizers.

The dancers and the musicians participated in the category "Folklore ensembles - authentic performance."

The points, that the participants receive, are summed cumulatively from their participations, as every year this gives opportunity to new groups and performers to became first in the rankings. The accumulated 1777 points from participations from 2012 to 2015 leads to the first place this year in the overall ranking of ranking list the folklore trio "Avliga" from Dupnitsa, Bulgaria, with artistic director Rayna Hristova. They perform in the category "Folklore group for authentic folklore".

Until that moment in 2015, 595 groups and individual performer from dozens of countries became part of the World unified system for evaluating and rating of various by ranking championships and festivals. The initiative belongs to the World Association of Folklore festivals (WAFF). The evaluation system is used only by championships and festivals authorized by WAFF and in the ranking list exist only qualified group, participated and evaluated in the folklore forums, authorized by WAFF.

You can learn more about the evaluation system at the official website of WAFF.