This week in the "Balkan Folk"show on Internet Television Eurofolk TV will be broadcasted the eight, brand new video album of Folklore Ensemble "Gornopolska pesen" from Bulgaria.

The ensemble "Gornopolska pesen" is coming from Ovcharci village, Sapareva banya Municipality. Their art director is loved and respected Mrs Radka Lazarova. The founder of the group is Mr. Kostadin Katsarski who has given a lot to the ensemble over the years, supports it and works for the ensemble till today. 

All videos of "Gornopolska pesen" was filmed by the team during the days of XII Black Sea Fest "Euro folk" which was held in Kiten and where the group won the first prize Golden "Orpheus" in category "Folklore songs - authentic folklore".

In Wednesday and Sunday (16th and 20th of December) from 14:00, 22:00 and 06:00h and on Friday (18th of December) from 11:00, 19:00, 03:00h you can watch the premiere broadcasting of the newest videos of the Ensemble "Gornopolska pesen" - one of the longtime participants in the Musical Feasts "Euro Folk", laureates of the Stara Planina Fest "Balkan Folk", the National Championship of Folklore "Euro Folk" and Black Sea Fest "Euro Folk"!

Video album will be broadcasted on another national TVs, including "Rodina" TV, "KIS"13 - Ruse, Travel TV, TV "Vratsa", TV "Cherno more" - Varna, TV "SAT KOM" Asenovgrad, TV "Haskovo" and others.

Just days remain until the end of 2015. The Christmas spirit becomes more tangible. What are the holidays without Bulgarian folk songs and dances! For you, Eurofolk TV viewers, the surprise will be pleasent!