10 March 2016     Festivals 

About 1000 participants from Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Egypt, Russia, Croatia, Lithuania and Italy took part in V International Folklore Festival in Vienna 2016 in the Austrian capital - Vienna. It was held from 26 to 28 February. The event did not have a competitive character, but the performers gave their best to create a real feast of the world folk art.
By the words of the organizers, the festival in Vienna already has its own life and traditions.
Besides participating in the programs, the groups were able to explore the sights of the city with the help of local guides.
The groups received diplomas and invitations for participation in the following edition of the festival.
3 more festivals will be held in Austria until the end of this year:
XIII. International Art Festival WIENER STERNE / VIENNA STARS - from March 31 to April 3 in Vienna;
VII. "Welcoming the Alps" Kaeser and Folk Festival - from 8 to 11 September in Karprun - Rauris;
International festival of choirs and orchestras in Vienna (Austria) - from 27 to 31 October.