The international contest for classic music and songs in Catalonia “MUSICA DEL MAR” is one of the largest competitions of its kind held in Europe. The event will be held from 19th to 22nd of June in the Spanish city Tossa de Mar under the auspices of the European Association of Folklore Festivals – EAFF.

The program of the contest is held in Lloret de Mar and for the gala concert participants of this prestigious festival move to Tossa de Mar where they perform in a stunning castle-fortress of the 12th century Villa Vella. It’s curious that people still live in this city-fortress.  From the magnificent scene and the stands one can see a picturesque view of the Mediterranean see and the most beautiful harbor of the Costa Brava.

The contest will be attended by orchestras, academic, chamber and church choirs, vocal groups and individual performers: piano players, guitar players, musicians on strings and wind instruments, classic and jazz singers. A special excursion program is organized for the contestants and accompanying persons.

The mood, feelings and emotions, which prevail in this competitive festival, allow the participants to not only immerse themselves in the atmosphere of celebration, but also to enjoy the beauty of the music sounding in the background of the sea surf.

The member of the Jury for the contest of classical music and songs «Musica del Mar» will be the incredible pianist Stefano Malferrari!

Stefano has worked with a famous teacher Franco Scala. He toured all over the world as a soloist of the Symphony Orchestra in Warsaw (Poland), the soloist of the Philharmonic Society of the Marche region (Italy). He has performed at the most prestigious venues for pianists: Verdi Hall in Milan, Rome Philharmonic, State Theatre in Florence, the Theatre La Scala in Milan. He has toured all over the world: Switzerland, France, Germany, Sweden, Croatia, Norway, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Thailand.

Today he is a professor of piano in the Martini Conservatory in Bologna, a frequent member of jury committee of the most prestigious international competitions of world importance, traveling around the world for searching  new talents, trying to help young pianists in the development of their difficult career.

Applications for participation you may filled in on the official website of EAFF.