27 April 2016     Festivals 

The International Youth and Children Folklore Festival "Hristo Uzunov" (22 - 25 April, 2016) took place in Ohrid, Macedonia. There were performances by the choir of the local Elementary school "Hristo Uzunov", and Viktorija Doneska (solo singer). The director of the local elementary school "Hristo Uzunov", Mr. Toni Simonoski declared the festival open. Other than the choir, there were dance ensembles from three countries: Turkey, Romania, Macedonia. There were about 150 participants at the festival. 

The participants had the chance to meet and build new friendships, enjoy the beauty of Ohrid and Ohrid Lake, and also, to learn about each other's culture and tradition. The director of the festival Mr. Milenko Andreski shared that the beautiful performances of participants were met with rounds of applause by the audience and all of them left Ohrid with a story to tell.