24 May 2016     Festivals 

One of the main tourist destinations of Montenegro - Herceg Novi, hosted the International Folklore Festival "Herceg Novi Fest".From 18 to 22 May, three dance ensembles with about 130 participants from Poland, Romania and Bulgaria presented their cultures and traditions through songs and dances, and their wonderful performances gathered applause of the audience.

Participants had the opportunity to meet new people, to established close friendships and learn about the cultures of other countries.

That is how the main idea of the festival - to develop new forms of communication in international dialogue and cooperation was achieved.

Herceg Novi is a major tourist destination of Montenegro - this wonderful and not yet very familiar country located in the southern part of the Mediterranean and is often called "the hidden pearl of the Mediterranean".

The city is known as a spa and wellness center. Nearby is located Igalo - known for its widespread curative sea mud and mineral springs. The most famous tourist attractions in Herceg Novi is the castle of Forte Mare, built in 1382, the Clock Tower, built by the Austrians in the 19th century; Kanli Tower, built by the Turks, the Serbian church "Archangel Michael" and others. The town is very popular among the people, who like nightlife. This resort, loved by artists during the winter, due to its unique atmosphere and tranquility wakes up in the summer, when many bars and clubs open their doors.