Eight groups from Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Georgia participated in the International folklore dance and music festival “PERKHULI 2016”. It took place from the 16th until the 21st of June in the Georgian capital – Tbilisi.

The festival was on a very high level. Each of the formations was introduced how it should be, with its national anthem. The Bulgarian contestants, with director – Darena Popova – Academic choir “Angel Manolov” and folklore formation “Chemerinka”, proudly introduced Bulgaria’s rich musical folklore. The both groups have numerous concert  tours in foreign countries and first prizes from international competitions and festivals from many countries. One of their prizes is a bronze “Orpheus” and a bronze medal from the IV Balkan championship for folklore “Euro folk – Jiva Voda” – Hisarya 2015.

All the contestants in the musical-dance  festival in Georgia were awarded  with certificates, diplomas, traditional Georgian gifts and cups with the organization’s emblem.

The mayor and the leaders of the organization met with the groups and gave them their awards.

“The hall was crowded, most of them children. The concert was more than 2 hours. All the contestants  showed a fair competitive spirit and commented that they would attend it again”, proudly said the leaders of the folklore forums.


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