28 June 2016     Festivals 

From 23rd to 26th of June the Hungarian capital of Budapest hosted the International Folklore Festival "St. Ladislaus" 2016. 3 foreign groups from Spain - Tuna de Dderech de Valencia, from Poland - Grupa Obrzędowa imienia Marii i Józefa Dziedziców and from Ukraine - Children's Folklore Circus Studio "Arlekino" took part at the forum.

"Spanish musicians of Tuna de Derecho de Valencia created a wonderful atmosphere. The Polish friends from Rzeszóv had exclusive performance and entertained the audience, which applauded them. A wonderful performance of Ukrainian children included elements from the circus and combined them with the folklore on perfect way."

So the director of the festival, Gaal Tibor presented some of the participants in the folklore forum and expressed his gratitude to them and to the partners of the festival: 10th District Local Government in Budapest, Cultural Center "Törekvés" and folk dance ensemble "Törekvés".


Ladislaus I Saint - was King of Hungary from 1077 and King of Croatia from 1091. He was the second son of King Béla I of Hungary.  Ladislaus was one of Hungary's most respected kings. Before accession to the throne he was an adviser to his brother, Géza I, who fought against their kinsman Sholomon. When Geza I died, his heirs appointed him as a king, according to tradition - the titles and positions belonged to the oldest member of the royal line.

During the years of civil war, Ladislaus strengthened its position and issued a series of laws that restore order in the kingdom. After the canonization (27th of June 1192), Ladislaus became a role model for the next Hungarian kings.