5 July 2016     Festivals 

11 groups consisting more than 450 participants from Latvia, Turkey, Ukraine, Estonia, Austria, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia took part at the 1st edition of the International Folklore Festival on Balaton lake "Hungarian sea", but definitely it wouldn't be the last, according to Mr. Aron Kovats - the director of the festival. The hosts of the festival were the largest town in the South part of lake Balaton - Siofok and Zamardi - ancient village with 2 522 residents, located on the west between Külső-Somogy and Balaton lake. Discoveries from the Iron Age have been discovered in this territory, but the most remarkable discovery is partially excavated, extremely rich cemetery of the Avars.

"Hungarian sea" is the popular name of the lake with lenght of 50 miles and silky green and yellow waters in the middle of Transdanubia. The Balaton lake is one of the most valuable Hungarian treasures and the most visited resort. Balaton is the largest lake in Central Europe. 

From 24th till 27th of June participants had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful lake, the perfect weather for swimming, sunbathing and lovely cruise on the lake.

The groups had a chance to meet new people, to establish new contacts and friendships and to exchange experience.