Five groups from 3 countries and more than 180 people took place in the International Music Festival “From folklore to modern dances”. Folklore event was held from 27th of June till 1st of July in Durres – the second largest city in Albania after the capital city – Tirana.

Wonderful event presented the most colorful traditions and diversity of cultures. A parade of participants was organized, it went through the main street from the sea coast.

The groups danced on the main square stage. They were welcomed and applauded by the numerous audience.

The participants had a chance to meet new people, to see the beautiful and long sandy beaches and all the nature beauty of Durres. They heard about the rich history of the town.

One curious fact is that around 1280 in Durres (Byzantium) was born the most significant medieval Bulgarian saint, church singer and composer - Reverend Joan Kukuzel called by his contemporaries "Angeloglasni" (with angel voice) because of the wonderful voice he had.

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