23 August 2016     Championships  Awards 

Dmitriy Raytov and Anastasia Fomina from St. Petersburg (Russia) are the first nominees for the Grand Prix Golden “Orpheus” at the VI World Championship of Folklore “World folk” 2016. In the first three competition days of the Championship two virtuoso musicians has extraordinary performances - not just playing but telling stories with the gentle melodies of their instruments. They were awarded with golden medals at the category "Folklore music", honorary diploma for participation, diploma for significant contribution to the preservation and development of traditional folklore arts of the world.

On his behalf and on behalf of Anastasia, Dmitriy thanked to the organizers and the jury of the Championship and for the warm welcome. Participation of the duo yesterday on the scene of Burgas was their last at the championship.

But serious and contested competition for the Grand Prix Golden "Orpheus", the title of Absolute champion of folklore in 2016 and the check of 1000 leva is yet to come.

New groups will join the folklore competition. The first performance of the Group “Mladi talanti” (Young talents) from Glogovo village, Teteven municipality was wonderful. Musicians and singers proved that they are talented indeed and their marvelous performance was applauded loudly and was appreciated by the Jury.

Group for authentic folklore from Bukovo village, Madan Municipality showed great program. Performers brought special beauty of the Rhodope song and bagpipes, showing once again the uniqueness of this Bulgarian sounds.

Rich program of authentic and processed folklore presented the contestants from Pernik – Folklore group “Graovska kitka”.

Besides the folklore music, songs and dances from Bulgaria, Russia and Ireland, audience enjoyed the performance of old-urban and popular songs of Vocal trio “Impresiya” from Karlovo.

On the third contest day were given 2 golden, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals. Five groups and individual performers completed their participation in the VI World Championship of Folklore "World folk" 2016.

The rest appearances continue on 24th and 26th of August at Amphitheatre stage in Obzor and on 25th and 27th of August at “Theatre Arena” stage in Sv. Vlas.