Carmen D. Padilla, the president of the International Organization of Folk Art – IOV World has been awarded with Diploma and the Honorable sign of the European Association of Folklore Festivals – EAFF. The highest award was bestowed personally by the president of the Association – Kaloyan Nikolov.

Mrs. Padilla is one of the big names in the field of world folklore arts. She visited the Old capital of Bulgaria invited by EAFF in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo Municipality and Nessebar Municipality.

The senior lady was accompanied by Valko Lyubenov - Doctor Honoris Causa of folklore music and dances of Ansted University UK, producer and choreographer, Deputy Chairman of Committee 6 to the International Organization of Folk Art IOV World - UNESCO.

Carmen D. Padilla gave a lecture in the St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo on the “Role of young people in preservation of cultural heritage” subject. The guest Mrs. Padilla introduced the activity and structure of IOV to the teachers, students and supporters of the preservation and promotion of folk traditions. She presented the highlights of the organization's activities around the world and in particular the activity of young people in organizing youth festivals of arts and the support of many institutions and organizations.

“Harmony, peаce, mutual understanding and respect to the others culture! If the people who take the decisions look in our direction, they will find out that we can stop wars. When we serve to our community in order to preserve the traditions and our identity as a nation, we should think about how to be effective in the field of our work.” stated Mrs. Padilla during the lecture.

During her stay in Veliko Tarnovo, Mrs. Padilla and Mr. Lyubenov attended a business meeting with Mr. Nikolov in the office of EAFF where they discussed the future co-activities of both organizations. Meeting with the Deputy mayor Snezhana Daneva and the Director of “Culture and Tourism” department Nelina Tsarova was conducted as well.

After the official part of the meeting gifts were exchanged: Carmen Padilla received gifts – handmade ceramic replica of an archaeological artifact from excavations of the fortress Tsarevets, wrought in the „Samovodoska charshiya“ commercial street ; DVD discs with the movie “Veliko Tarnovo – in the heart of history” and “Tsarevgrad Tarnov - Sound and light” audio-visual show. Mrs. Padilla gifted the Municipality with a Filipino souvenir - carving depicting the sun, adopted as a symbol of happiness in the island country.

Beside the business part, the program of Carmen D. Padilla included a flowers laying to the Monument of the founder of EAFF – Iliyan Nikolov; a sightseeing tour in Veliko Tarnovo and the spectacle “Sound and light”.

Mrs. Padilla expressed her joy from what she has experienced during her visit in Old Bulgarian capital:

“I am impressed from the old town, old commercial street and the Museum of Bulgarian Revival and Constituent Assembly. The “Sound and Light” spectacle was something unique. The town has all the aspects of culture combined with the modern life.”

After her visit in Sofia and Veliko Tarnovo, Carmen Padilla continues her trip to Filip Kutev National School of Folklore Arts in Kotel and to the ancient town of Nessebar.

Photos from the visit you can see on the official page of EAFF on Facebook.