From 12th till 16th of October in Indian town of Gwalior was held the 13th International Dance Festival “UDBHAV UTSAV 2016”.

540 participants from Sri Lanka, Kyrgyzstan and India took part at the festival. The group from Sri Lanka won the grand award at the festival. The event was held in the historical town of Gwalior, a city of Palace, fort and temples. Each day the kids had the opportunity to visit different places of the city and every evening they enjoyed the parties and fun”, said the director of the festival, Mr. Deepak Tomar.

14th edition of the International Dance Festival “UDBHAV UTSAV” will take place at 12th till 16th of October 2017. Organizers will provide tours in local landmarks and the Festival Committee covers the expenses for entry fees in historical sites of the town.  Detailed information about the conditions and opportunities for submitting applications for participation you can find on the official website of EAFF.

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