4 November 2016     Festivals 

The traditional Children's and Youth international folklore festival "Rhythm of fall" 2016 took place from 27 until 31 of October in Georgia. During this massive event the festival was conducted in the cities Mtskheta, Kvareli and Telavi. 

"In the concert many children and adolescent groups took part from all of Georgia, Russia and Armenia and the total number of participants was more than 3000" said the organizers.

Along with the well-organized concert program and the best performances, the festival was celebrated with an amazing parade in Mtskhta, after which the participants traveled to the lake resort Kvareli and the conclusive gala concert was held in Telavi. 

"The festival was conducted on high level. The participating groups and their memebers got prizes and special diplomas. We hope that this kind of events will continue to encourage the development and perfection of Georgian choreographic art", the organizers expressed their expectations.

Representatives from the municipalities Mtskhta, Kvareli and Telavi attended the festival events. The following edition of Children and youth folklore international festival "Rhythm of fall" 2016  was realized by the Georgian union of choreographers with the support of the European association of folklore festivals - EAFF; Ministry of culture and Monument Protection of Georgia;  Municipalities of the Cities of Mtskhta, Kvareli and Telavi; "Shota Rustaveli" Georgian University of Theater and Cinema; Institute of Qualification Improvement and Professional Development of Teachers; Newspaper of the Georgian Choreographers Union – "Georgian Choreography".