15 November 2016     Interesting facts  Conferences  

Kaloyan Nikolov, the president of the European Association of Folklore Festivals – EAFF, presented his Theory of development of folklore art and introduced the activity of EAFF within the General Assembly of International Organization of Folk Art IOV WORLD. The host of the event was Italian town of Bergamo in the period 10th – 13th of November.

In the presentation of the theory “Circle of folklore art”, Mr. Nikolov emphasized on the idea settled into his theory – the development of the connecting link between the traditions, education and science, the informational supply and service. It appears to be the "hot" link between the different levels of structures dealing with search, preservation and promotion of culture and art of different nations.

The identity and the difference from others is what makes us unique in our development. Keeping the folklore traditions alive /the Intangible Culture Heritage – ICH/, actually we preserve and support the latest technologies and most modern development of the societies and the planet as well. Understanding of the importance of this activity by the state institutions, responsible to the science and education in separate countries, will make the preservation of folklore and culture easier and more responsible”, stated the president of EAFF.

On the General Assembly of IOV was elected the new leadership. The president of IOV WORLD became Ali Khalifa from Bahrain and Vice presidents: Emma Chen Hoefler from China and Hans Holz from Austria. General Secretary became Marcel Oelbrandt from Belgium.

Honorable President is the current president of IOV WORLD – Mrs. Carmen Padilla from Philippines. The General Assembly was attended by members of National Commissions from all over the world, and the Regional Executive Secretaries from Asia, Western Europe, Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, South America, Africa, Australia, New Zeland and Oceania, Middle East and deputy chairman of the Youth organization of IOV – Minara Guliyeva. It was approved short-term strategy for development of the organization until 2020.