25 November 2016     Festivals  Awards  Movies  Interesting facts 

The president of the European Association of Folklore Festivals - EAFF, Kaloyan Nikolov came back from Romania with a diploma for achievements in culture. He was on a visit at the invitation of Smaranda Oteanu-Bunea, founder and director of Theater "Stella Popescu". The reason for the invitation was and the musical "Aladin".

The theater is the main organizer of the International festival "Children’s folklore", whose first edition will take place from the 27th until the 30th of May 2017 in the Romanian capital Bucharest. The festival is a member of EAFF. Mr. Nikolov gave a membership certificate during his visit.

Eurofolk TV, main media parnter of the festivals in EAFF's family, filmed the visit, as well as the interviews with the directors of the theater and the forthcoming festival. We present part of the interview with Mrs. Bunea:

"I would like to express my huge respect which we have to the activity of the European Association of Folklore Festivals - EAFF. This is an institution, which makes a lot for Europe and not only for Europe. It stimulates ensembles from all around the world, regardless of  where they are from, to develop their folklore. We are in a close relationship with the Association. We were on many international festivals - in St. Petersburg, Antalya, Prague, Vienna... Regardless of where we are, we have always come back with the big prize."

We have very good impressions from the president of EAFF, Kaloyan Nikolov - he is a big professional! It's our duty to take part in this, symbolically said, big international round dance. The International Festival "Children’s Folklore" will take place in the end of May, we hope that many children’s ensembles from many countries will come and we will have 3 full days. The festival won't have a competition character. The hall will be full. We hope that the Bucharest audience will have the chance to enjoy the performances of ensembles from Greece, Albania, Turkey, Bulgaria, The Czech Republic and many more ...

What else Stella Popescu and Smaranda Otenau-Bunea said in the interview, you will learn from the film, which "Eurofolk" studios are making and will be broadcasted on the internet television. 

Mr. Kaloyan Nikolov thanked the organization team and expressed his admirations to the excellence of the theater.

"The preliminary preparation and the basis of the festival are on a very high level. I am confident that the conduction of the International Festival "Children's Folklore" will be a real feast for the Romanian capital. "- said Mr. Nikolov at the end of the official visit.

Application forms for the festival can be filled in HERE.