The 2nd International Folklore Festival – Contest "Keeping traditions" has been held during November 24-27, 2016 in Moscow city – the heart of Russia. Over 300 folk performers from India, Malaysia, Yakutia, Buryatia, Tatarstan, Kalmykia, the Crimea, the Ryazan region, Moscow and Moscow oblast participated in the festival. The founder and organizer of the festival - the Culture Development Foundation of the Peoples of Siberia and the Far East "Northern Rainbow" made every effort to turn the festival into a real celebration of folklore. Folk talents from all over Russia and other countries met in Moscow to be acquainted with each other and share the culture of their countries and regions.

And all conditions have been created to achieve this purpose. Participants, accompanied by experienced guides, were welcomed by a sightseeing tour "Hello Moscow". During tour one could walk along the Red Square, observe Moscow from a panoramic view, admire the legendary Stalin’s skyscrapers, and, of course, make a beautiful selfie. Presentation performance of groups took place on the stage of the luxury business center "Barclay Plaza" and the festival day had been held at the House of Culture “Stimul” located at an ancient mansion in the centre of Moscow.

Since its founding, the International folklore festival "Keeping Traditions" is held under the patronage of the European Association of Folklore Festivals (EAFF). At the Opening Ceremony of the festival the Welcoming Address by EAFF President Kaloyan Nikolov had been announced.  Mr. Nikolov drew attention to the importance of promoting folk traditions, customs, and culture. Since in our rapidly developing world, they are the fundamental basis for the preservation of identity of nations, as well as the education of young generation in the spirit of tolerance and acceptance of cultural traditions and customs of different ethnic groups are one of the basic and important steps in maintaining harmony and balance in the relationship between countries. Welcoming speeches were made by Boris Dugarov - Chairman of the NGO "Society of Buryat culture" Uryaal ", Ayuna Bazarsadaeva - Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the festival, Alexandra Borisova - festival director.

The jury was headed by Marina Engovatova - Professor of the Department of Music History of the Gnesins Russian Academy of Music, PhD, musicologist. The jury consisted of Anna Sidnina - Honored Artist of Ingushetia, soloist of the concert ensemble of the Russian Space Forces; Julia Ovchinnikova - soloist of "Ballet Moscow", pedagog – ballet master; Galsana Dorzhieva – soloist of "Russian National Ballet", pedagog – ballet master; Irina Kirillova – designer, fashion studio "Iria". It is noteworthy that the meeting between jury and artistic directors had been held, during which one can get advice and recommendations from the professional jury.

After a long discussion, the jury nominated the winners.

Grand Prix of the II International folklore festival "Keeping Traditions" (30000 rbl.) was awarded to the folklore ensemble “Shrusti Multicultural Centre”, India. The ensemble was also awarded an EAFF certificate 500 euros to participate in the European Championship of Folklore. The ensemble, consisting of 24 charismatic dancers and musicians in colorful national costumes, by their fascinating and cheerful dance won the hearts of the audience. Audience Award deservedly received by Jeffri Rumli, singer from Malaysia, who performed the Malay folk song. The audience liked immediately Jeffri’s manner of performing and artistry.

The Special Prize of opera singer Ayuna Bazarsadaeva "The best vocal" (10000 rbl.) and the title of laureate of the 1st grade went to Lidzhin Goryaev from Kalmykia. Dance ensemble "Buin Khan" representing Buryatia, became the laureate of the 1st grade and was awarded an EAFF Certificate 500 euros. Ensemble of guslars "Veselyi perezvon" (Moscow) became the laureate of the 1st grade and was awarded an EAFF Certificate 300 euros. Besides, the following performers became the laureate of the 1st grade: the vocal ensemble "Alaas dorgoono" (Yakutia), Koshirenkova Anna (Moscow), Martyushova Valentina (Moscow),  Anastasia Blokhina’s Association of plastics and dance (Moscow), Dyakonova Nadezhda (Yakutia), Children folklore ensemble "Yasenka"(Moscow), Savvinova Alica (Yakutia).

The II International folklore festival "Keeping Traditions" came to over by the gala concert of the laureates. Anna Sidnina - Jury member, Honored Artist of Ingushetia opened Gala-concert by the song "Russia - Matushka". The honorable guest of Gala-concert was the Ambassador of Malaysia, her Excellency Mrs. Datu Hayati Ismail, who came accompanied with the entire delegation of the Embassy. Madam Ambassador expressed her admiration by performance and expressed a desire to visit the next International folklore festival "Keeping traditions".

„In conclusion, we would like to thank all participants. We wish you success and victories! Welcome to Russia again!“, stated the festival director, Mrs. Alexandra Borisova.

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