Past 2016 was full with many contests, festivals and events, which are part from the system of the European Association of Folklore Festivals - EAFF. Largescale folklore forums with perfect organization were held in European and Asian countries. 

Several important event left their mark in the activity and purposes of the Association. Special visit of the Director General of UNESCO - Mrs. Bokova in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria was the first significant event. She came in the Old capital of Bulgaria during the jubilee XX Stara Planina Fest "Balkan Folk" in May. The president of EAFF personally invited her for the inauguration of the Monument to the founder of the Association - Iliyan Nikolov. Mrs. Bokova received the Honorable Sign of the European Association of Folklore Festivals. 

In early June, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization /UNESCO confirmed the formal partnership with EAFF and accredited the Association as a Consultant of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. Experts from the European Association are going to work for implementation of projects and programs directed to the preservation of intangible cutural heritage in cooperation with UNESCO. 

During the year, two more people were awarded with diplomas and the Honorable sign of the European Association of Folklore Festivals.

During the visit of one of the most significant names in the world of folklore art in Veliko Tarnovo in early October, the president of International Organization of Folk Art - IOV WORLD - Mrs. Carmen D. Padilla received Honorable awards personally by the president of EAFF - Kaloyan Nikolov. Within her stay in Veliko Tarnovo, Mrs. Padilla gave a lecture in the Unversity of Veliko Tarnovo and took part in a bussines meeting regarding the future mutua co-working of both organization. Briefing was held with local municipal government of Veliko Tarnovo. Visit of Carmen D. Padilla was captured in a documental film, which were broadcasted on Internet TV Eurfolk and may be found in the YouTube channel of the television.

Prof. Aleksander Sergeevich Turgaev, rector Saint Petersburg State University of Culture became the laureate of Honorable diploma and Honorable Sign of EAFF. High award was given by president of the Associatio during the V International Contest of Folklore Vocal Art "Kak na rechke byilo na Fontanke" which was held in the end of October in Russian city of St. Petersburg. The reason for the recognition was the contribution of professor Turgaev in preservation and promotion of the Intangible Cultural Heritage and traditional folklore arts, in accordance with the opinion of EAFF. 

In November in Italian town of Bergamo the General Assembly of the International Organization of Folk Art - IOV WORLD was held. President EAFF presented the activity of the association and his theory about the development of folklore art - "Circle of Folklore Art". Kaloyan Nikolov emphasized on the idea based in his theory that the development of the connection between the traditions, education and science - provision of information and informational services. 

To date, members of the EAFF are about 350 festivals from different countries of Europe and Asia in various genres of traditional folk arts.

In 2017 the Association will celebrate 10 years since it was created. In the years EAFF works actively for its main purpose - preservation, development and promotion of folklore arts of different European countries mainly through the festivals from Musical Feasts "Euro Folk" and though the Global Internet TV Eurofolk. About 6000 groups and more than 120 000 participants have participated un the festivals from Musical Feasts "Euro Folk". European Association of Folklore Festivals - EAFF works together with TV channels in Europe, with folklore ensembles, groups, Municipalities, Community centres, Schools and many other organizations, developing folklore activity. 

Detailed information about the upcoming and past festivals may be found in the official website of EAFF