30 January 2017     Festivals 

International choreographic contest “DANCING CATALONIA” is held on the Spanish coast Costa Brava. Preparations for the International contest "Dancing Catalonia" is one of the most difficult and time-consuming work, and the victory in this competition - a prestigious international trophy!

It is a tension and rejoicing, a triumph and tears of happiness, dizziness from success and immersion in a grand atmosphere of an international competition, feelings that thousands of motivated performers experience in one of the most prestigious contests in Europe. All of them go through unforgettable moments as it’s a meeting of different creative tendencies and styles!

International contest “DANCING CATALONIA” in the kingdom of Spain is a cultural event which presents the work of choreographic teams. The main purpose of the festival is the demonstration of art to the audience and also the experience exchange among experts in the field of choreography. 

During the contest examinations heated discussions are held for each performance. Critics, in turn, carried out a series of consultative work with the participants of the contest. Focused such measures to raise the level of modern choreography, because judges are discussing not only the mistakes. Each member of the jury is trying to send a participant to a new, higher level. Each participant needs to be explained what are the pros and cons, that the jury saw in their work. Jury sharer the most powerful and vivid moments of their performances. "Dancing Catalonia" has long been not just an international competition - it is a laboratory for talented dancers.

For many years in the contest, training and educational programs are conducted as well. Amount of work is implemented in order to help international experts. Professional master classes are conducted, among which we can identify the works of the leading choreographers of our time. Annually hosts international conference of choreographic committees. Supports also seminars where present lectures and researches on the development and transformation of the world choreography by experts from around the world. Experience-sharing meetings are held often among novice choreographers the festival. Teams that have not passed the qualifying tests, are given the opportunity to show themselves out of competitive basis.

In 2017 a chairman of the jury will be Kanga Valls – perhaps best choreographer of Spain in the style of Urban Dance, Hip & Hop and RnB. This talented man, has already won a few championships Hip & Hop and received their knowledge in the best schools of contemporary dance in London, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Paris and Barcelona improves their skills every year. Kanga Valls will hold a master class for all participants in the contest Dancing Catalonia, as well as try to combine participants from different countries and different styles of dance, in a statement.

Conditions of participation and submission of application for participation can be found on the website of the European Association of Folklore Festivals - EAFF