1 February 2017     Interesting facts 

First Bulgarian, proud owner of the accordion "Kravstov" is Valentin Todorov from Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgaria). Valentin and his accordion teacher Stanimir Demirev expressed their joy, proud and happiness and thanked to the European Association of Folklore Festivals - EAFF and Mr Kaloyan Nikolov for the assistance. 

Stanimir Demirev shared his impressions:

"I've heard about the accordion for the first time about 20 years ago when I was a student in the Musical Academy. Since then, the accordion has been improved a lot and it is the most virtuoso accordion, last generation. Famous accordionists from Russia, Italy, Belarus, China, South and North Korea has played on such an accordion. It provides the ability to perform all original pieces for violin, piano, and even a organ."

The forth grader Valentin Torodov with shining eyes and full of joy told us that he is attracted by music since first grade. He started to learn how to play on accordion because: "It was interesting for me, and it still is..". He likes to perform funny music and his favorite plays are "Veseloto pateshestvie s barziya vlak" (The funny journey with the fast train) and "Spomeni" (Memories).

"I am so happy that I will play on that instrument! I was in third grade when on a festival I saw a photo of it. Three months later I took part in a similar festival and I saw how the students of Prof. Kravtsov played on that accordion. I was impressed mostly by the buttons.", excitedly said Valentin. He doesn't hide that it won't be easier for him, but he will manage with these "different" buttons. His teacher promised to prepare him for participation and performance on the stage of XXI Stara Planina Fest "Balkan Folk" in May 2017. 

Accordion "Kravtsov" was presented for the first time in Bulgaria during the Vth Championship of Folklore "World Folk" 2015 where a student of Prof. Kravtsov - Vitaliy Ermachkov from Russia received the Special award of the European Association of Folklore Festivals - EAFF. 

This system is actually new, invented by professor Nikolay Kravtsov from Russia. It was displayed at Musikmesse 99  (Frankfurt). It's been developed to try to open up the chromatic accordion repertoire to piano accordion players. There are for rows (or maybe 3 1/2). The keys are hexagonal and as seen in the layout below, some keys are connected and forms double sized keys.

Prof. Nikolay Kravtsov is Honored Artist of Russia, Professor, PhD in Art History, Dean of the St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts, the winner of the Zolotaya Kniga Otchestva. Prof. Kravtsov is chairman of the jury of the World Championship of Folklore "World Folk", he is member of the commission of the International contest "Dancing buttons" in Novi Pazad and Chirpan (Bulgaria).