6 February 2017     Festivals  Interesting facts 

Astonishing International Mask Dance Festival & Competition will be held in Andong, Republic of Korea in consecutive year. Each edition of the festival attracts more and more participants from all over the world and becomes more spectacular. Asian charm of the state is emphasized by its culture and traditional way of life, but the desire of the organizers of the festival is to expand the boundaries of intercultural exchange and communication, so they would like to invite new groups from different regions of the world to participate.

This year they would like to invite groups and ensembles from the Balkan region to participate in large-scale event. The desire of the organizers is the participants from Balkans to present their region with its peculiar customs and traditions through folk and modern dances.

21st edition is conducted under the auspices of IOV (UNESCO-NGO) Korea in the period from 29th of September till 8th of October 2017. One of the leading South Korean television and radio networks MBC, as well as local television and other media will make involved with the festival and parade more than 1.2 million viewers who will be able to watch all the performances of the participants.

Every year the opening ceremony of the festival is attended by the mayors of 10 cities, as well as members of the embassies of nearly 20 countries.

Application forms may be submitted until May 26, 2017

In 2017 two major festivals from the system of EAFF are organized in the Republic of Korea:VI Seongju International Life Culture Festival 2017 (The Journey of Mankind) will be held in the period from 18th till 22nd of May 2017.

II International Youth Arts Festival-Contest "Flowers of Life" will be held in the period 4th till 8th of May 2017.

Detailed information and the conditions for participation in more than 350 festivals in Europe and Asia you can find in the official website of the European Association of Folklore Festivals - EAFF