Folklore singer Vasil Minchev from the town of Gabrovo, Bulgaria received a recognition from the European Association of Folklore Festivals - EAFF by receiving a Diploma for Honorable member. Personally the president of EAFF- Kaloyan Nikolov awarded him for performances on the stages of Musical Feasts "Euro Folk" and on the occasion of his creative anniversary. The celebration of the 75th birthday of the singer and member of the Group for spring folklore "Totka Shandurkova" at "Gabrovo 2002" Community centre was held on 2nd of March in House of Culture "Emanuil Manolov", Gabrovo. 

The event was held in a friendly atmosphere, created by the stories, shared impressions and memories, songs and congratulations. 
During the meeting were presented excerpts from a documentary about the performances of the folk singer glorified the town of Gabrovo on all Bulgarian scenes and dozens beyond Bulgaria and the special participation in the show of the studio "Eurofolk TV" - "Folklore table".