10 April 2017     Festivals  Awards 

26-29 of March in Saint Petersburg was held IV th International choreography festival for children and youth "The Magic of the Dance". 300 young dancer came from all over Russia to show their talents and creativity to the jury and viewers. 

In all, the festival collected more than 300 participants from more than 17 cities of Russia. They performed in a different dance styles such as contemporary, traditional choreography, classical and pop choreography. All the children were very enthusiastic about the competition and tried their best to impress the jury.       

Among the jury were famous Russian dancers, finalists of TV-show «Dances» and «Dances. The battle of the seasons» Alexey VOLKOV andStanislav LITVINOV. After the show they had a meeting with mentors of the collectives and gave them their feedback and advices.

A grand-prix got Children pattern company «YAZ» from Naberezhnye Chelny. They showed two very energetic and bright performances: «Banana’s republic» and «Plus minus me».  Their teacher Franchuk Tatiana was awarded by a special prize for the best choreographer’s job.  Also the jury chose several dancers and collectives to award them by diplomas of Diplomats and Laureates of the festival. During the day all the participants had an opportunity to take part in dance workshops from professional dancers.

To conclude the day 10 best artist showed their performances on the gala-concert. TV-channel LIFE78 made an online translation of Gala-consert where the brightest numbers of the festival days were shown. Magic of the Dance is annual choreography festival. Every year more than 300 participants go to the Saint-Petersburg, Russia to perform, learn something new and make good friends.

Festival is held by art association I CAN and touristic operator Piter Tvoi Inc. These companies take in Russia more than 10,000 participants annually. Festivals take place in the largest cultural centers of Russia: Moscow, St.Petersburg, Sochi, Kazan, Vladivostok, Ekaterinburg and so on.