18 April 2017     Festivals  Awards 

28, March in Saint Petersburg was held the 4-th International vocal-instrumental festival-competition «Northern Cantata». More than 300 young singers and musicians came to Saint-Petersburg to prove that they are the most talented and creative. The participants represented 16 different cities of Russia.

The jury was full of bright talented singers and pedagogues such as finalist of the projects “The Voice” and “New Wave” Egor Sesarev and singers Larisa Tedtoeva and Svetlana Urasova. Egor is the constant member of the jury of “Northern Cantata” and he always treats every child with care and gives constructive recommendations for the teachers of collectives. 

The instrumental block of performances was evaluated by active artists, representatives of Petersburg’s higher education, directors and musicians. There was professor Viktor Akulovich, composer Sergey Smolyaninov and docent of Saint-Petersburg state University of culture Vyacheslav Kruglik.

The diversity of the numbers was outstanding. Children demonstrated performances in different styles: classic, traditional, pop and even rock composition. They performed solo and in groups. Guests of the festival could even watch at the children’s orchestras.

The singers took part in the competition were of different age, but equally talented end enthusiastic. All the children tried their best and used all techniques to impress the jury: the choose of the songs and music, costumes, choreography and artistry.

The jury awarded Grand-prix to two young artists: Molokovskaya Alexandra from Arkhangesk and Kvitantsev Georgy from Mytishy. They get the greatest cup, special diploma and the prize: certificate for free participation in the next festivals and contest of the project “I CAN!”

Special prize for the will to win got Maryana Shostenko. Prize for the best costume went to Bibicova Sabina from Arkhangelsk. Special prize for artistry got Ekaterina Julyaeva, who is also from Arkhangelsk.

The festival “Northen Cantata” is held annually on the days of spring break. It always gathers the most talented artists from Russia and other countries. Organizers of the festival is Creative association “I CAN!” and Tour operator “Piter Tvoi”. These companies held more than 40 festivals annually in Russia, Kazakhstan, Abkhazia. All festivals always accompanied by the excursion program. During 2016 more than 13,000 participants took part in festivals “I CAN!”.