20 June 2017     Festivals 

 “The story started 13 years ago, when we decided to organize international folklore festival in Greece for the first time. The festival is called Hanioti, like the beautiful town where it’s taking place. So many years of friendship, safeguarding, promotion and presentation of tradition and culture”, said about the 25th edition of XXVI International Folk and Modern Dance Festival „HANIOTI“ (May) Dejan Brzanov, director of the festival. This year, it that took place from 28th of May till 02nd of June in  the small and beautiful village in Halkidiki  - Chaniotis.

13 folk groups from Bulgaria, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Estonia, Serbia, Turkey, Slovakia and Georgia took part at the festival. There were over 550 participants at  different age, different styles of music and dance and many more spectators.
During the 6 days, the participants had a chance to have 4 festival performances in different towns in Chalikidiki. The first opening and the last closing festivals were in the Chaniotis. The second one was in Polichrono and the third festival was in Paliouri
“The organizers, together with the participants exchanged as much different cultural experiences as it is possible. Our main priority was to have fun, to sing, dance and leave this stunning peninsula of Greece with a box full of memories and positive experiences.” continues the story the festival director.
Additionally, what made these six days more beautiful and cool are Folkiada games, zumba and boat cruise. During them participants have a chance to know each other better, to have a wonderful time full of laugh and happiness. And the most important thing to make a lifetime memories. Many new friendships were created, colorful costumes, dances and songs were successfully presented, as all this contributed to the discovery of many new cultural facts and traditions.
“We are very proud that people from various parts of the world, who were part of this festival, were united in heart and in action by conducting their own culture and sharing the fun and enjoyment with other cultures. Because of all of this, we as an organization team are proud that we were able to succeed in accomplishing our mission. It was an event worth remembering and it deserves a recap. So, we  announce the second international folklore festival in “Hanioti” in the same place in September. Everyone are welcome. See you there.” – with these words the director Dejan Brzanov invites new participants.