5 July 2017     Festivals 

From 23rd till 26th June nearly to the Balaton lake in the Hungarian town Keszthely was held the "St Ivan’s Days" festival. 10 groups participated at the festival from Latvia, Turkey, Cyprus, Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Armenia, Poland.

The first day of the festival started with the marching of the groups at the main street of town Keszthely after the Major welcomed the ensembles the groups presented their art to the local people and visitors.

In the spare time of the groups, they had the opportunity to enjoy the lake shore in the hot summer, or to prepare themselves for the closing ceremony and concert in the theatre hall of Keszthely.

In the end, the organisers and the municipality of the town had some gifts to thank the group that they magnified the program with their presence and performances.

The director of the festival – Mr. Aron Kovats said in addition that “It was the first “St Ivan’s Days” at the Lake Balaton but all the persons who organised the event were 100% sure that next year we come back again, and looking for more ensembles from all around the world.”