With a tour around the cites of the Hungarian capital Budapest began the participation of the groups in the V Musical and dance festival "Summer in Budapest". From the 7th until the 10th of July participants from Israel, Bulgaria, Spain, Latvia and Turkey had the chance not only to have fun but to present their cultures.

"Professional tour guides showed around the guests the sights of Budapest. The participants visited the castle hill along with the Church Matias and the Bastion of fishermen, the Citadel, the Basilica, "Andrasi" street and the square of heroes. In the afternoon the groups performed at one of the main squares in the center of Budapest, where the locals and the tourists enjoyed the program with amusment including dances, songs and music." told by the director of the festival Aron Kovats. 

In their free time some of the groups siezed he opportunity to travel by boat on the Danube river, and a trip from square Vidago to the Margaret bridge, Lágymányo bridge and then again back to Vidago square, guided by the two parts of the city “Buda” and “Pest” telling you the stories and curiosities.

The final concert in the theater ended with a dance for all the participants. 

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22 – 25 July 2022

VII. Dance and Music festival "Summer in Budapest"

Budapest Hungary