Great success for the IX° International Folklore Festival "Bracciano's Castle" organized in the small italian town Bracciano, famous with its medieval castle built in the 15th century.


Now Bracciano is also famous with the international festival which is held for 1 week each year in the end of august and open for folklore groups from all over the world. This year ensembles from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Basque country, Estonia, Turkey, Israel, Kazakhstan, Poland and Russia participated in 4 concerts and excited the public with high level choreographies.


"It's an amazing experience live in close contact with different traditions thanks to our wonderful groups which shown us the music and dances of their ancestors. The strategical location, only 30km to Rome, makes Bracciano desired destination for who wants to combine festival and holiday exploring the beauties of the region." - says the Artistic Director of Festival Svetlana Rumenova.


But it wasn't only folklore in Bracciano - thanks to excellent organization and well combined activities participating groups could enjoy together and create new contacts and friendships which is the main aim of the festival. 

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24 – 27 August 2024

XI International Dance and Music Festival "Bracciano's Castle"

Bracciano, Rome Italy