9 October 2017     Festivals 

Fourteen years ago, organizers of the festival with the cooperation of the Municipality of Kassandra came to one big idea - to organize international festival of folklore in the small and very picturesque village – Chaniotis in Chalikidiki. The festival was called Hanioti, like the beautiful village where it’s taking place.

"Like every year before, this year we achieved again our goal which is safeguarding, promotion and presentation of different tradition and cultural heritage. For 28th time from 23th till 28th of September the International festival of dance and songs “Hanioti” was organized. It was non- competitive festival on which 1400 participants or 40 groups from different age and different styles of music and dance participated. There were participants from 12 countries including Russia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Portugal and many more.", said the director of the festival - Deyan Brzanov.

During 6 days the participants had a chance to be part of 4 concerts in different towns in Chalikidiki.

"The first opening and the last closing concert were in Chaniotis. The second one was in Kallithea and the third concert was in Afytos. What make us very proud to say is the privilege we had during one of our concerts. Our participants were honored to dance and sing at one of the oldest houses (1889) in Afytos, Greece which is a true museum of folklore.

Besides the wonderful four concerts during the festival, participants were part of the zumba activities in the mornings, parties after every concert, boat cruise tours and most interesting Folkiada Sport&Fun games. In that way new friendships were made, new cultural facts were discovered and learned and the most important thing there was a lot of fun."

Mr. Brzanov didn't hide his joy about the implementation of the festival and said "We are very proud that groups from various parts of the world were part of this festival. Every single moment they were united in heart and in action and worthily demonstrated the tradition and folklore of its country аnd with it, it brought magic to the stage and made the festival unforgettable."

This year in Chaniotis festival was the most visited so far that will be remembered and will be spoken for a long time - informed Deyan Brzanov.

He expressed his gratefulness to the team of the European Association of Folklore Festivals - EAFF and to all the participants who were part of "this magical story which made us very proud and we invite you to our next festivals in the following 2018.", said additionally Mr. Brzanov.