"The V International Folklore Festival "Ethno Fest Belgrade" finished successfully with a lot of visitors and media attention. 7 international groups from Bulgaria (3 groups), Greece (2 groups), Latvia, Slovenia and 3 Serbian ensembles with 300 participants in total  took part in the festival", informed the organizers of the folklore event - Sasa Bajic and Milo Radoman. The festival took place from 20th till 22nd of October in the Serbian capital. 

The festival was not a competition and it was held in the Concert Hall of Cultural Center in Rakovica. According to the organizer each group presented 10-15 minutes program and in the end of the concert all the participants received Diplomas and exchanged gifts with the organizers. And after the final chords of the festival night, 250 participants participated in a common party dedicated to a Serbian evening.

"Two people of each group dressed in a national costumes, the group leaders and the organizer of the festival attended a morning reception at the Municipality as part of the festival program. In their free time, the groups had the opportunity to explore sights in the town.:, added more the directors.

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18 – 20 October 2024

20th International Folklore Festival "Ethno Fest Belgrade"

Belgrade Serbia