The representatives of Kencana Pradipa (Universitas Indonesia) – city of Depok, Indonesia with art director Doni Yoshinda are leading in annual rating for Folklore in 2017 of the World Rankings. The dancers and musicians from the far eastern Asian country took part for the first time in the European Association of Folklore Festivals – EAFF. With their perfect performance they won not only the audience of the VII World Championship of folklore “World Folk”, but also the international Jury, which have awarded them with GRAND PRIX GOLDEN “ORFEUS”, Gold medal of the championship, the title “Absolute World championship for 2017” and a check worth 1000 Euro, provided by the organizers. This brilliant performance brought them 930 points. 

On the second place after them with 759 points is ranked Ensemble for folklore songs “Kitka  Sharena” (Bulgaria), with art director Eftim Zaykov. The third place (640 points) again is for Bulgarian formation – Dance group “Milanovo” with art director Tatyana Ivanova, performing authentic local and national dances. 

On 4-th and 5-th place in the annual rankings are accordingly: Folklore dance group “Pastalnieki” from Latvia (630 points) and Folklore dance ensemble “Kodreniy” from Moldova (620 points). In the top ten are also 4 Bulgarian individual and group performers: Tsvetan Gatev (Sevlievo, 610 points), Folklore Trio “Avliga” (Dupnitsa, 605 points), Women’s folklore choir (village Merdanya, 582 points) and Violeta Balkanska (Lovech, 550 points). On the honorable 10-th place with 540 points is music group “Avaye Tabari” from Iran. 

Folkore trio “Avliga” (Bulgaria) is headed in the three-year ranking of the World ranking of folklore with 2207 points. During this year talented singers added their points by participating in the World Cup of folklore and Bulgarian national championship “Euro folk”- Veliko Tarnovo, Balkan championship of folklore “Euro folk – Jiva voda”- Hisarya and international folklore festival “Euro folk – Black sea”. 

With 1695 points on the second place in the three-year ranking “Tamburashki orchestra” from Dugo selo (Croatia) is ranked.

Graduates of Professor Dario Cebic accumulated their participation asset in World Championship of folklore “World Folk” in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Three-year regular participation of Women’s folklore choir from village Merdanya (Bulgaria), with art director Krasimira Koleva in the World Cup of Folklore and Bulgarian National championship “Euro folk” – Veliko Tarnovo, European championship of folklore “Euro folk” arrange the formation in the top 3 of the ranking with a result of 1597 points.   

Points that receive the performers are summed up with accumulation from their participations, as every year this give the opportunity new groups or individual performers to come up in the ranking and to take the lead.

Until this moment in 2017 1399 groups and individual performers from dozens of  countries from the world took part in the World unified  system for evaluation and rating of different championships and festivals. The Initiative is to the World Association of folklore festivals (WAFF). The system for evaluation is used only from authorized from WAFF championships and festivals and in the list of the rankings are qualified groups, that took part and have been evaluated in the approved from WAFF folklore forums.  

More about the evaluation system you can learn on the official website of WAFF.