8 November 2017     Festivals  Awards 

XXIX International Youth Arts Festival-Contest "Creative Olympus" was held on October 28-29, 2017 in Sochi, Russia.  440 youth talents from 17 towns of Russia, Kazakhstan, South Ossetia and Abkhazia attended the contest. Participants presented classic works for musical instruments, they performed national, popular and modern dances and also represented local and foreign song hits, as well as theatrical productions.

The jury consisted of folklore and art workers, honored cultural figures, teachers of Sochi creative institutions, famous theater figures, choreographers and musicians.

The Grand Prix of the festival competition was won by the children's and youth theater studio "Vdoh" from Kazan. The jury noted the competent choice of the performance, the competent composition and the scenic skill of the young artists. Also, the members of the collective took first place in the nomination "Theatrical creativity. Theatre of Drama. Ensemble" in the mixed senior age category.

"The best musical performance" was presented by the Ensemble "Terra Taurica" from Simferopol. The jury saw the high professionalism of the participants, the consistency of performance and the integrity of the presented images. The ensemble won first place in the nomination "Vocal Art. Academic vocals. Chorus" in the mixed senior age category.

The title "The most artistic participant" was won by 3 contestants. Tagir Shamsutdinov from Kazan received the awards because he performed the poem "Piruyushtie studenty", written by A. S. Pushkin with great artistic skill and with zeal. He also won the first place in the nomination "Theatrical creativity. Art word. Solo" in the senior age category. The second owner of the honorary title was Philip Chupikov from Simferopol, who artistically and charismatically performed the performance "Svatannya". The title also received Stella Popova from Noyabrsk for a professional and interesting game on stage.

The diploma "For the best female role" was awarded to Elina Garifullin from Kazan. In the opinion of the jury, Elina talentedly performed the role of the port cat Admiralshi in the play "Mother Cat". Alexandra Alekseyeva from Kazan received her award "For the creation of a bright artistic image". Alexandra vividly embodied on the stage the image of a young gull Fortunat in the play "Mother Cat".

"The youngest participant" in the contest was Veronika Skaletskaya from the village of Arkhipo-Osipovka in the Krasnodar Territory, which is 6 years old. Veronica performed as a soloist of the ensemble of folk dance "Fires of the Caucasus" in the nomination "Choreography. Folk dance. Ensemble" in the mixed young age category.

Milana Gunba rom the town of Gudauta in Abkhazia received a diploma "For the creation of a bright scenic image". Milana also managed to win the first place in the nomination "Vocal Art. Pop vocal. Solo" in the young age category.

The title of "Best accompanist" was won by Evgenia Igorevna Avtaeva from Simferopol for her professional accompaniment for all the ensemble's performances.

The jury awarded the "Poteshki" group of the dance association "Solnechnyi parus" with the diploma "For the best costume". Participants were dressed like fairy-tale characters. The same title was given to the Exemplary children's ensemble of contemporary dance "Phaeton" for beautiful costumes in the "Fairy Tale for Alice". In addition, the group "Phaeton" took the first two places in the categories: "Choreographic creativity. Pop dance. Ensemble" and "Choreographic creativity. Modern dance" in the young age category.

The title of "Best Choreographer" was awarded to Marina Alexandrovna Brazhnikova from Kirov.

Within the framework of the festival, creative master classes were held: participants were engaged in the manufacture of hand-made items in the technique of "decoupage" and made figurines of marbles. Two educational master-classes were also held for the participants and teachers. The first on the theme "The feeling of the scenic space and the skill of controlling the attention of the viewer as tools to achieve the necessary image of the artist.".

The second on the topic "Features of the formation of the plastic culture of the artist."

The jury of the festival-contest included:

  • Roman Valentinovich Pisarjuk - teacher of the highest category of theatrical disciplines, artistic director of the Sochi Youth Theater, director;
  • Andrei Viktorovich Prokhoda - director of the festival of young independent theaters "Space of the Young", director of the Art-studio "Teatralof", director;
  • Irina Gennadievna Assuriyskaya - artistic director of the children's theatrical-choreographic studio "Sorvantsy", a teacher of the Sochi College of Arts, actress of theater and cinema, director;
  • Liana Albertovna Msrlian - former leading soloist of the National Opera and Ballet Theater of Armenia, soloist of the Sochi Philharmonic;
  • Valery Nikolayevich Amelin is an artist of the Sochi Philharmonic, musician-accompanist, conductor of the folk instruments orchestra;
  • Irina Alexandrovna Babicheva - the teacher-instructor of the Krasnodar musical theater "Premiere", the soloist of the Big Band G.A. Garanian, stringed "Premier Orchestra", the Kuban Symphony Orchestra, jazz trios and quartets;
  • Irina Semenovna Volvenkova - the teacher of pop vocal, the leading soloist of pop ensembles, the winner of the All-Russia competitions on vocal creativity and the international jazz festivals;
  • Lyudmila Dmitrievna Pakhomova - invited director, choreographer of cultural events of the Krasnodar Territory, Honored Worker of Culture of the Kuban;
  • Oksana Sergeevna Balkizova - ex-soloist of the Astrakhan Opera and Ballet Theater, teacher of the choreography department of the Sochi College of Arts, choreographer in the children's and youth theater;
  • Andrey Mikhailovich Semenov - leading stage master and assistant to the chief choreographer in the Krasnodar musical theater "Premiere", leading teacher of the Krasnodar Choreographic School, Honored Artist of Russia.