On 31st of October the X International Youth Arts Festival-Contest "CHARM OFBOHEMIA" was held in the frames of "Salute to talents" project. The contest was attended by 150 youth talents who came from 9 towns of Russia as well from Kazakhstan and the Czech republic. 

Participants performed classic works on musical instruments; ballroom, pop and contemporary dance; local and foreign hit songs. The jury consisted of honored cultural workers, lecturers from Prague's creative institutions, famous choreographers, musicians.

Grand Prix winner of the festival became the Ensemble "Murager" from Almaty, Kazakhstan. The jury noticed the complexity of the performance and the high level of playing musical instruments. The ensemble took the first place in the contest category "Instrumental art. Folklore. Ensemble".

A diploma "The best choreography performance" was awarded to the Choreography ensemble "Planeta detey" from Moscow in "Choreography art. Pop dances. Ensemble." category.

"The most artistic participant" became Adilzhan Maratuli from Almaty. She won the first place in youth age group in "Instrumental art. Folklore. Solo." category. Aliya Tolimbek from Astana impressed the jury with her artistic vision and the jury awarded her with the same title and first place in the "Instrumental art. Classic. Piano. Solo." category. 

Performers from Children's dance ensemble "Zabava" - Leonid Fartunin and Mariya Kurska from Samara won the diplomas "Scenic presence". They won first place in the category of "Choreography art. Pop dance. Small groups." in pre-school age group. The diploma for "Youngest participant" was awarded to 6-years old Darya Neskorodeva, soloist of ensemble "Zabava".

"Harmonic performance" diploma and the first place in "Instrumental art. Classic. Small groups." category went to the trio from Astana - Yuliya Gavrilova, Darya Shashuru and Aliya Tolimbek. 

"The best accompanist" became Oskana Nikolaevna Artyugina from Astana. 

Nataliya Anatolievna Gulko from Samara won free participation in all the Russian forums of pedagogical workers in the field of culture and art "Razvitie". Special diploma "Musicality and expressive performance" went to Darya Zhihareva from Moscow. The jury awarded her with first place in the "Choreography art. Pop dance. Solo." category in youth age group.

Diploma "Complexity of performance and creative potential" was given for the duet performance of violins by Diana Aydubulova and Тінәлі Инжу from Astana. The duet took first place in the category "Instrumental Creativity. Classic. Small groups" in mixed age group.