International Folklore Festival “Ethno Fest Budapest” was held from 10th till 12th of November 2017 in the Hungarian capital. 10 groups with about 300 participants took part in the event. 

"The festival was attended by 10 groups with about 300 participants from Bulgaria, one Bulgarian group from Germany, Croatia, Romania, Serbian groups from Hungary." - said the organizers of the festival - Sasa Bajic and Milo Radoman. 

The program of the participants included welcoming the groups, accommodation and meeting witht the group leaders. They had free time to explore the sights of the town and one-hour boat trip on Danube river.

"Rehearsels and the concerts itself were held in the Conert hall of "József Attila Cultural Center". Each group presented their programs within 10-15 minutes. At the end of the concert 4 couples from each group dressed in national costume and groups leaders went to the stage with flag and board with the name of the group; receiving diplomas and exchanging souvenirs with the organizers of the festival.", said more the organizers. 

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