24 November 2017     Festivals 

During October 27-28-29 2017, the Georgian Union of Choreographers and the Union Art-Falk organized the International Folklore Festival – Rhythms of Fall 2017. 

The international event was supported by: the European Association of Folklore Festivals, UNESCO International Dance Council (CID), the Institute of Qualification Increase and Professional Development of Teachers of Georgia, Georgian Choreography Newspaper and the National Center of Georgian Choreography. 

In framework of the Festival concerts were held in the cities of Mtskheta, Kvareli and Telavi, in addition with master-classes and excursions.  Along with folklore groups from all over Georgia also participated choreographic groups from different foreign countries – Latvia – 4, Lithuania – 1, Estonia – 1, Turkey – 2 and Russia 1.  The total number of performers in the Festival exceeded 4000 (including 250 foreign dancers). 

Along with the well-organized concert program and best performers emphasized must be the grandiose parades held in Mtskheta and Telavi.  From Mtskheta the Festival participants went to Kvareli Lake open-air stage.  The conclusive gala concert and awarding ceremony was held in the beautiful city of Telavi. 

Participant ensembles and their members received presents and special diplomas.  The Gala Concert was attended by representatives of the Culture Departments of Mtskheta, Kvareli and Telavi Municipalities.  In general, the Festival was conducted at a high level, in festive and at the same time serious environment. 

Festival Organizers hope that such international events will further continue supporting development and perfection of Georgian and international choreography.