18 January 2018     Festivals  Awards  Festival-Contest 

On 7th January 2018 the VIII Creative Festival-Competition "Scandinavian Discoveries" took place in Helsinki in the framework of the international project "Salute of Talents" (6 - 8 January 2018).

More than 150 participants from different cities of Russia and Finland took part in the creative contest "Scandinavian Discoveries". The festival was informationally supported by the Russian Center of Science and Culture in Helsinki.

The children's choreographic ensemble "Agat" from Krasnoyarsk became the winner of Grand Prix ward. The jury members marked the strong preparation of the team, the fast temp of all performances and emotionally intense that fascinated the audience. Marina Volkova, the teacher of the collective, got an invitation to visit the III All-Russian Forum of Pedagogical Workers of Arts and Culture spheres "Development".

The diploma "For emotionally rich performance" was given to the exemplary choreographic ensemble "Small Kitezh" from Gorodets. Participants especially distinguished themselves with their bright emotions and full return.

Kulinchenko Ksenia from Moscow and dance ensemble "Aurinko"from  Helsinki were recognized as the most artistic participants.

The Diploma "For the Best Costume" was won by Ekaterina Kislitsina from Togliatti, the vocal ensemble of the exemplary studio of pop vocal "Premiere" and Rumiantseva Elizabeth from Podolsk.

Special diploma "For the best artistic work" was given to to Moiseeva Evangelina from Novorossiysk.

Sabitova Elena Vasilievna, head of the collective “Usolye-Sibirskoe” was recognized as the best ballet master of the festival.

The prize of audience sympathy went to Lavrynenko Margarita from Novorossiysk.

The Diploma "For the best musical number" was given to Margarita Klyuzhnik from Severodvinsk. She sang the pop song "Do not cry" and demonstrated the ability to work with the voice in a different range.

The youngest participant was the five years old Rudalev Emilia from Helsinki.

Invitation to the III All-Russian Forum "Development" was given to Kharlamova Svetlana from Gorodets. The event will be held in the spring of 2018 in St. Petersburg and will become a platform for discussion the issues of additional education and children's creativity development.

Laureates of 1 degree and finalists of the project "Salute Talents" became:

• Gafarov Timur from Kotovo;

• The vocal ensemble of the exemplary studio of pop vocal "Premiere", Rumyantseva Elizaveta and Bodakva Natalia Olegovna from Podolsk;

• Lea Hirvonen, Julia Kobylko, Teplyashina Maria, the duet of Makarovsky Alexey and Trifilova Darya, the dance ensemble "Aurinko" from Helsinki;

• Mikhail Paramonov, Zlata Zenyova, Vera Nazimov and Lisa Räikönnen from Turku;

• Kulichenko Ksenia from Moscow;

• Ponomareva Valeria, Masyutin Maxim, Pyzhova Anna, Nechaev Maxim, Margarita Klyuzhnik from Severodvinsk;

• Children's exemplary folk dance ensemble "Zadorinka" from Perm;

• Children's choreographic ensemble "Agat" from Krasnoyarsk;

• School of dance SABITOVA «EXPRESSIA» from Usolye-Sibirskoe.

Diplomas of laureates of the 1st degree and invitations to Superfinal of "Palette of the World" project were received by participants from Novorossiysk - Evgeni Moiseev, Margarita Lavrynenko, Gruzdev Eva, Ivannikova Maria and Komarov Artem, as well as Stavenko Anastasia from Turku.

"Laureate 1 degree" diplomas and invitations for the Superfinal of the project "Palette of the world" was awarded to the participants from Novorossiysk - Evangelina Moiseeva, Margarita Lavrinenko, Eva Gruzd, Mariya Ivannikova, Artyom Komarov and Ansatasiya Stavenko. 

The jury commission includes:

Yarkko Kyanpa - singer, composer, finalist in the "Voice of Finland" TV show;

Taya Aleksandrova Soyko - choreographer, pedagogue, finalist in the "Show Dance" TV show;

Konstantin Karin - graduated the "A. Ya. Vaganov" Ballet academy, director of the Finnish ballet studio, choreographer and pedagogue. 

Valeriy Nikitin - musician, composer and pedagogue;

Suvi Akerman - winner of the "Voice of Finland" TV show, singer, pedagogue; 

Olga Andreevna Veselkova - artist, illustrator, pedagogue.