1 March 2018     Movies  Festival-Contest 

From classical, ballroom and folk songs, dances and music to modern pop, rock and jazz sounds will conquer the scene of the InternationalFestival "Marathon of Talents  in Europe". The big event, which attracts talents in the field of theater, fashion, crafts, photography, is organized for another year in one of the favorite places of Salvador Dali - Costa Brava. The name of the romantic Spanish resort is given by the Spanish sailors and literally means "wild, rocky coast".

The purpose of the festival's organizers is to bring together artistic groups from across the world to present and demonstrate skills, abilities and achievements; to explore the cultures of other peoples; to work on an international scale and towards tolerance.

For leisure time in the competition program of the participants, the organizers have provided opportunities to interesting tourist routes: boat sailing catamaran; excursion to Barcelona with a visit to the emblematic musical fountains, to the Montserrat Monastery, to Chiron and the famous Dali Museum; Knights Tournament of a XVIII Century Medieval Castle - Show flamenco "Noche Espanyola" - Teme Park "Port Aventura".

The International Festival "Marathon of Talents in Europe" will be held from 29 May to 3 April in the Catalan Mediterranean resort. Applications for participation can be submitted by 30 March 2018 on the website of the European Association of Folklore Festivals - EAFF.