The subject of the Third General-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference was "The Cultural Space of Russia: Genesis and Transformation". The event was held on 5 and 6 April in the St. Petersburg State Institute for Culture and the president of the European Association of Folklore Festival - Kaloyan Nikolov - took part in it. The theme he developed at the main plenary session was "Preservation of intangible cultural heritage through new information technologies and different networks of knowledge".

The conference was officially opened with welcome speech by Alexander Sergeevich Turgaev – rector of the St. Petersburg State Institute for Culture, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor; Arkadiy Yurievich Rusakov – Deputy Rector of the Scientific and Creative Activities of the St. Petersburg State Institute for Culture, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor; Anna Yurievna Tsvetkova - Deputy Director of Development and Public Relations at the State Russian Museum; Oleg Arkadievich Blok - Ph.D. of Pedagogical Sciences, Head of the "Orchestral Conducting" Department, Head of the Scientific Laboratory "Developing the Creative Potential of the Musician" at the Moscow State Institute for Culture.

The program of the conference included three Round tables with topics: "Museology and heritage sphere: Origin, Formation and Perspectives for Education in Higher Education Institutions of Russia", "Traditions of the East and the Contemporary Culture of Russia","At the crossroads of styles" and concert performances in 3 parts: "Interaction of Culture" - concert program of works of N. K. Metner; "Eternal Traditional Music" - concert program for folk instruments; "How not to love this land ..." - a concert program of the students of the Russian and Song Arts Department.

Within the two days, 252 participants from Russia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Estonia, Kazakhstan and China delivered scientific reports in 9 sections and 5 subsections. The accents were on topics related to the formation, upbringing and promotion of cultural identity through art, cinema, the influence of religious practices, the role of linguistics and others.

In Section 7: The traditional musical and choreographic culture of the peoples of Russia, subsection: Instrumental Art, headed by Nikolay Aleksandrovich Kravtsov (Russia), candidate scientist in the field of art , professor, head of the Department of Folk Instruments; a report was presented by another Bulgarian - Assoc. Prof. Dragomir Mitev - Doctor of Musicology and Musical Art at the National Academy of Music "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov ". The topic of the report was: "National Academy of Music in Sofia - past and present. Relationship to Cultural Institutes in Russia ".  

In the remaining 8 sections were considered reports on topics related to:

Cultural practices: history and modernity; Art in the cultural space of Russia;Museum Space of Russia: Boundaries and horizons for development; Theoretical and practical issues of modern restoration work; Cultural diversity of Russia as a basis for the development of civilization tourism; Jazz in the contemporary cultural and educational space of Russia: Trends and Prospects; Traditional music and choreographic culture of the peoples of Russia; Socio-cultural activity in the cultural space of contemporary Russia.

Organizers of the conference were the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the St. Petersburg State Institute for Culture.