21 May 2018     Festivals  Interesting facts 

Really warm and cordial friendly atmosphere was created between the participants at the second meeting of nations under the motto "Friends in Diversity". It was one of the events of the XXII Stara Planina Fest "Balkan Folk 2018" held in Veliko Tarnovo from 10th till 20th of May.

Singers, dancers and musicians from Georgia, Slovakia, India, Indonesia, Iran and Bulgaria presented their groups shortly and showed musical instruments and typical steps of their dances. All the participants had fun, they sang and danced together, holding hands. 

A great challenge was Indonesian dances, Iran's "finger snapping", Indian steps with graceful hand movements, Georgian outrages, and perfect hand and foot movements as well as the live rhythm of the Bulgarian Danube Horo.

At the end, all participants took a common photo.

The night before the grand final of "Balkan Folk" and the simultaneously held IX Bulgarian National Championship of Folklore "Euro Folk" and the III World Cup of Folklore - Veliko Tarnovo 2018, at the main street of the town was held a parade of participants. 

With flags of the countries and the sounds of traditional music and songs, the participants from all the countries included in the program of the second half of the Festival, marched under the applause of the residents and guests of the town who came to welcome the participants.

In front of the Konstantin Kisimov Music and Drama Theater in the old Bulgarian capital, each group presented short program, which "warmed-up" even more the audience and created the feeling of a never-ending celebration of talent and new friendships.

After their appearance in the parade, the groups joined the program and waited for the awarding ceremony and the final standings of the festival.