25 June 2018     Festivals  Awards 

Cultural and artistic association "Kamen" from Sirac, Croatia is the absolute winner of the 14th International Folklore Festival "Euro folk - Black sea" 2018. Students of Stjepan Juraic, Emil Turi and Darko Rendic won the prize - Grand Prix Golden "Orpheus" with their performance of songs, dances and typical music from two folklore areas of Croatia - Slavonia and Baranya. They received their award during the closing ceremony of the festival by the president of the European Association of Folklore Festivals - EAFF, Kaloyan Nikolov. 

This year, the Festival "Euro folk - Black sea" was attended by 50 vocal and dance groups, orchestras, ensembles and individual performers from Bulgatia, Georgia, Croatia. There were participants - guests from Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and Russia. 

10 groups received first prizes Golden "Orpheus" in different categories:

  • Ensemble for authentic folklore "Kapanska kitka" from Getsovo village, Bulgaria (Authentic folklore-ensembles) 
  • Children's dance group "BURJI" and Children's dance ensemble "KHIKHANI" from Batumi, Georgia (Processed folklore dances - children's age group and Processed folklore dances - children's age group-ensembles) 
  • Children's dance group "Iskra" from Kaloyanovo village, Bulgaria (Processed dances - children's age group)
  • Youth dance group "Trakiyka" from Popovitsa village, Bulgaria (Processed folklore songs)
  • Female folklore choir from Merdanya village, Bulgaria ( Processed folklore songs)
  • Female group for authentic folklore from Trigrad, BUlgaria (Authentic folklore songs) 
  • Dance club "Horo" from Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria (Folklore dances)  
  • Mummers club "Mirkovo" from Mirkovo village, Bulgaria (Folklore customs)
  • Group for spring folklore art from Orehovo, Bulgaria (Authentic folklore)

Beside the awards, all the participants received also points for the overall ratings of the World ranking list of folklore, an initiative of the World Association of Folklore Festivals - WAFF. 

One of the faces of the International Folklore Festival "Euro folk - Black sea" - Petya Kachakova from Chepelare, Bulgaria was part of the participating groups. She received a canava with the poster of the festival. 13-years old Petya together with Lorena Ilieva from Children's-youth dance ensemble "Ogneni ritmi" from Svishtov have been photographed by the official photographer of EAFF - Georgi Nutsov. 

At the end of the festival all participants danced together a colorful Bulgarian round-dance ("horo"). Photos from the event - on our facebook page