From 22 to 25 June near the Balaton Lake in the Hungarian town of Keszthelywas held the second edition of the festival "St. Ivan's Day". Five folk dance, singing and music groups from Serbia, Ukraine, Senegal and Macedonia participated in this festival, informed Aron Kovats, director of the festival.

"Keszthely, a city of grand town houses perched at the very western end of Lake Balaton is hands-down one of the loveliest spots to stay, far removed from the tourist hot spots on the lake. You can dip in its small, shallow beaches by day, absorb its lively yet relaxed ambience by night and get a dose of culture by popping into its handful of museums and admiring its historical buildings. Whatever you do, don’t miss the Festetics Palace, a lavish baroque home fit for royalty.

This beautiful environment made this festival unique, where the five participants group from Serbia, Ukraine, Senegal and Macedonia had the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant boat trip, sightseeing tours, museums during the day and show their art to the locals and tourist in the evenings. The organizers and the city definitely want to continue this festival in the next year."
 informed Aron Kovats.

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