From 28th of June till 3rd of July, International Festival "Armenia" in Tsakkadzor 2018 was held in one of the most picturesque places of Armenia - in the town of Tsakkadzor (50 km from the capital Yerevan). This was announced by the director of the festival, Sargis Margarean.

Sargis Margaryan added also: "Tsakkadzor is famous for its beautiful nature, remarkable places and historical monuments. We had participants from Italy, Estonia, Ukraine, Georgia and different groups from Armenia.  We had meeting with the groups where we discussed the program of the festival. We had a parade with all the groups dressed in national dresses and flags. Then the opening of the festival, where every participant represented his own country in their language. We also had excursions and evening disco for our groups, which ended with salute. At the end, we organized a meeting between the Mayor of the Tsaghkadzor city and the groups.".

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