1500 performers from Russia, Bulgaria, Iran, Israel, Georgia, Moldova, Estonia and Armenia took part in this year's edition of International Festival "Happy Planet".

From 14 to 20 July in в Tsaghkadzor (Armenia), dancers, singers, musicians and artists performed successfully in three age groups, as the best among the contenders for the Grand Prix, they were selected by a jury in two categories.

The main purpose of the festival - cultural enrichment, as well as the development of friendly relations and acquaintances between people from different nationalities, is fulfilled,report the main organizers. The participants had the opportunity to participate in a parade, marching in their national costumes, and each group showed the steps of their national dance to the other groups in a very friendly atmosphere. Artistic directors and members of the groups participated in master classes with members of the professional jury.

Besides the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners, the best groups received awards: "Best Dance Technique", "Best Dance Group", "Best Behavior on Stage", "Best Performance", "Best Music", "Most interesting costume" and "Award of the Auddience".

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14 – 20 July 2024

International festival "Happy Planet"

Tsaghkadzor Armenia