13 August 2018     Festivals 

Dance and Music Festival in Adriatic welcomes 12 groups from 4 countries in its second edition. The event was held in the period 12-15 July in two Croatian towns. Director of the festival Aron Kovats informed:

"The festival was held in the second time but definitely not the last. Both locations, Krk and Novi Vinodolski were crowded by tourists and local audience, so the 12 participant groups from Hungary, Poland, Estonia, Ireland could show  their art in front of a huge number of people at the festival locations. During the day, the groups could visit the beautiful Krk town, or have a pleasant boat trip or just lying down on the beach and enjoy the refreshing sea."

The festival was finished with a small ceremony where all participants received some gifts and diplomas from the organizers and closing with some dances with the participants and the audience.

"We are planning the next Adriatic Festival in 2019 July.", said more Mr. Kovats.