28 August 2018     Championships 

In the first three days of the contest program of the World Championship of Folklore "World Folk" 2018, 58 groups and individual performers participated in the VIIIth edition of the Championship at the stages of Sveti Vlas, Pomorie and Nessebar. 

Hundreds Bulgarian and foreign guests of the Bulgarian Black sea towns applauded the concert performances. Some of the groups finished the competition and were already assessed by the jury.  Another part of the singers, dancers and musicians continue on the other days of the championship competition. By the end, the event will be joined by new performers from Bulgaria and abroad, which makes the jury task to determine who will be the final winner of the Grand Prix more difficult and responsible.

Among the spectacular performances were those of the groups from Zmeitsa, Voyvodinovo, Nova Zagora, Slivnitsa, Ognyanovo, Boyanovo, Staro Zhelezare, Hisarya, Chavdar, Susam, Raduil, Bukovo, Mirkovo, Gabrovo, Gorsko Novo selo, Kapitan Dimitrievo (Bulgaria). 

International guests have also had great performances. The performers from Dance group "Nouvelle Epoque" (Canada), Children's folklore circus studio "Arlekino" (Ukraine), Choir "Gausa" (UK), "Abelzieds", "Veldze" and "Madaras" (Latvia) have been loudly applauded and they've already finished their participation in the Championship. The groups from Indonesia, Uzbekistan, South Korea, Israel, Iran will stay till the last days of the event.

Participants and scenes until the end of the VIII World Championship of Folklore "World Folk":

August 29, "Ohlyuva" stage in Burgas:

  • Groups from Bulgaria: from Galabovo, Letnitsa, Mezdra, Lyaskovets, Pleven, Sofia, Yavorovo, Golyamo Belovo, Razhevo Konare;
  • Guests - groups from South Korea, Montenegro, Iran, Russia, Indonesia and Uzbekistan.

August 30, the stage of "Prosveta 1888" Community center in Pomorie:

  • Groups from Bulgaria: from Belovo, Shumen, Pomorie, Sofia, Gara Byala, Dobrich, Veliko Tarnovo, Lyaskovets, Pleven, Lovech, Razhevo Konare, Gorna Malina;
  • Guests - groups from Montenegro, Indonesia, Israel, Iran and Georgia.

August 31, "Amphitheater" stage in Obzor:

  • Groups from Bulgaria: from Pernik, Dupnitsa, Pirdop, Rakovski, Lovech, Lyaskovo, Dolno Ablanovo, Izvorovo, Kosacha, Beguntsi, Ganchovets;
  • Guests - groups from Iran, Indonesia, South Korea, Russia, Israel and Georgia.

September 1 - Theater Arena stage in Sveti Vlas:

  • Groups from Bulgaria: from Plovdiv, Dupnitsa, Pernik, Pirdop, Rakovski, Izvorovo, Dolno Ablanovo, Kosacha, Beguntsi, Ganchovets, Bretsnik, Lyaskovo; 
  • Groups - guests from Iran, Indonesia, South Korea, Israel, Georgia and Uzbekistan.

You can watch all the remaining concerts of the VIII World Championship of Folklore "World Folk" live and recorded, as well as the accompanying events - "Friends in Diversity" meeting and Parade of nations on neterra.tv/eurofolk

Detailed program may be found on the website of the European Association of Folklore Festivals (EAFF).