31 August 2018     Championships  Interesting facts 

Increasingly popular among musicians and accordion teachers is the master class "Accordion Kravtsov", which is a accompanying event of the World Championship of Folklore "World Folk" 2018.

The master class was held for the fourth time in the Ministerski Savet Hotel in Sunny Beach. 15 students, lecturers and parents of some of the teenage musicians learned about the possibilities offered by the innovative performer technology of the accordion "Zonta", invented by Prof. Nikolay Kravtsov (Russia) and about the history of its creation.

"To play the accordion, you have to listen a lot, but for virtuosity - you have to give motivation to your students," Prof. Kravtsov emphasized to the lecturers and their students.

After the theoretical part of the lecture, the practical part of the master class started with specific directions in the technique of playing and accents in the harmonics and the reproduction of the melody. The master class continues in the next two days, and at the end of the training the participants will receive certificates.

As a second accompanying event, which took place in parallel with the master class, was the meeting of the groups participating in the second half of the World Championship of Folklore "World Folk" 2018 - entitled "Friends in Diversity".

The performers from Russia, Indonesia, Montenegro, Israel, South Korea and 2 groups from Iran presented the folklore of their countries, then sang, danced and played all together.

A true celebration of friendship was created when the musicians from Indonesia and the Bulgarian dancers from Folklore Dance Club "Nezabravka" from Nessebar joined the musicians from "Arqavaneh" (Iran) and danced together. After the end of the official time for the meeting, none of the participants wanted to leave their new friends.

Another highlight of the "World Folk" 2018 was the Golden Orpheus Nomination Award for the Folklore Ensemble at the Tashkent District Culture Department, Uzbekistan with artistic director Sohibzhon Niezov. The prize was presented by the jury chairman, Prof. Nikolay Kravtsov.