12 September 2018     Festivals 

300 participants from 5 countries took part in the Summer International Folk-Music Festival BELGRADE- SERBIA. From 30th August till 3rd September, performers from Bulgaria (4 groups), Greece (3 groups), Turkey (2 groups), Bosnia and Herzegovina (1 group) and Serbia (1 group) presented the richness of their folklore in front of guests and citizens of the Serbian capital. 

Festival "Ponesi Opanke" has no competitive character, but nevertheless the participants presented themselves in the best way and enjoyed the spectators with their wonderful performances. The organizers provided the best possible opportunity to do so and the participants' evaluation was not delayed:

In a letter of appreciation addressed to the director of the festival Mr. Milutin Lukic from Mariya Drazheva - the Executive Director of Bulgarian Folklore Music and Dance Association - Varna was written: 

"Ponesi Opanke will leave unforgettable memories both from the stage of the festival, from the wonderful city of Belgrade, as well as the warm and friendly attitude of your team members. Thank you once again, I hope that our joint cultural relations will continue for the future!"